The adventure starts

Sorry about not posting much for a while, but we were busy working hard on the project, not having time to blog about it!

Hopefully, we will be able to spend more time blogging when we come back, because, yes, YES: we are going to the desert, in a few hours from now. Right now we are busy packing and preparing computers, camera and everything, we might even find the time to sleep a few hours…

In the meantime, to reward your patience, here’s a picture of the box that will contain the camera:

An orange polystyrene box with a lot of tape and wires

This is a pre-version, the attachment mechanism changed a lot since then.

We’re all excited to go in the desert and play with the big balloon! But now, I gotta pack and sleep a bit.

See you guys in 10+ days with awesome pics and videos in our bag!

4 thoughts on “The adventure starts

  1. guijemont Post author

    Thanks! And thanks for advising us on the final stage of box making ;) .
    Luck we might need. Right now it starts with a SNAFU; a lost driving license meaning we have to reschedule our logisticks. We were supposed to be off at least half an hour ago, but we just booked a new car we’ll get at noon…

  2. Natalia CaƱada

    Guij!! Que os salga todo genial!! estoy deseando que me lo cuentes! Un beso para todos

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